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Jennifer Osborne

President, Search Engine People
Jennifer Osborne has been involved in online marketing since 1992 and is currently President at Search Engine People. Prior to running the Paid Search Department, Jennifer was Vice President of Business Development at SEP, where she worked with a number of diverse clients including Air Miles, Much Music, Discovery Channel, HMV and Belair Direct.
A recognized expert in the search engine marketing field, Jennifer was selected by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada to develop and teach the IAB intensive PPC course to a significant audience of enterprise stakeholders. Jennifer has been a regular guest speaker for the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and the University of Toronto Digital Marketing courses. 
Jennifer can also be found providing tried and true marketing insights to both the Canadian and global search marketing community on the Search Engine People Blog, and has been a guest blogger for Google. She has been interviewed by The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, and Profit Magazine, and was ranked #10 by Profit and Chatelaine Magazines on the Profit W100 “Top Female Entrepreneurs in Canada”

Dr. Christopher Small

Clinic Director, Clairty Chiropractic, Creator, Clarity Chiropractic

Dr. Christopher Small is a health expert who knows that every single person has an extraordinary ability to heal and be healthy. Clinic Director of Clarity Chiropractic, President of GridIron Medical, and Creator of BluePrint: Health, he has dedicated his life to helping individuals and families be awesome. Dr. Small knows that you have the opportunity to be as healthy and vibrant as you want. All you have to do is identify what your body needs to be well and allow it to work as it is designed.
Dr. Small is an accomplished speaker and health educator, sharing his message about health to countless corporations, community groups, and organizations.
Dr. Christopher Small will deliver to the audience of TEDx:UOIT an energetic talk that discuss how everything you need to be healthy and well is already inside you. Join TEDx: UOIT to find out how to unleash your amazing healing potential.

Cheynny Xia 

Chief Executive Officer / Partner at Journey Innovation Task Force
Chenny is an award-winning designer and accomplished business strategist who believes memorable imprinted experiences come from meaningful company-customer relationships. Through her work with Journey, Chenny has represented Canada at international conferences on entrepreneurship, business development, and sustainability, including the 2015 South America Business Conference.  As CEO, Chenny combines cross-cultural insights with experiences working in business development, experience design, and private equity, to collaborate with her clients and deliver context-tailored solutions that draw upon global best practices.  In 2016, Chenny was named a Notable Young Entrepreneur, and in 2014, as one of Canada's Next 36 Leaders. She holds a BA from Emily Carr University, one of Canada's top design institutions.